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S.A.S. (EuroGang) Thread

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They was always children of Nigerian parents, lol.Just they was born in London, grew up in London, went high school in NY, so as people they very NY/LDN and it was obvious it their sound.A lot of people didnt really know they was Nigerians via their music, if anything things like Dutty Clap made people assume they wasn't...and to be honest Africa is where there buzz is at the lowest of all the Worldwide markets, so they have made a concious effort to re-address that.
that's fair enough, I just think if they do the Nigerian thing too hard then they run the risk of alienating their current fanbase. Like from a personal viewpoint the whole 'oi oi london boys' n all that was cool but then I can't really relate to the nigerian thing... but then on the otherside, good music is good music that's the most important thing.and nah Hold Me isn't on youtube
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Bronz will forever be up there jus for this tune

f*ck SAS

Yh this is nice but yf is right their so hit and miss they kind of suffer from that scorch/wretch 'I think my bars are too much' syndrome (probably more justified for these man tbf) That shit don't

Young Money aint family like that, TBH no rap crew is, they all have their egos, when joined together they might all look cool when the camera comes on, but it aint like that at all.They met Drake years ago in Canada. Funny enough they was going to do a song then, but the guy that was showing them round, kinda hated on Drake and said your lose your fanbase here doing songs with him. They still wanted to do it cos thats the same sh*t other man hear about them, but it never happened. Besides S.A.S dont really reach out to their contacts to get at other contacts thru them. In person to person yes, but on some email/phone sh*t nah.S.A.S are doing a song with Max tho, there's some news for ya.Oh and S.A.S don't really speak to Nicki like that no more, cos she was down with Bundy, then she was meant to be Skullgang, lol, so she use to come thru Juelz studio a lot, TBH I think she was on to Mayhem or fascinated with him cos she'd do weird sh*t like only copy the way he talks, like he the only one with a UK accent in the room, and then one day they argued and neither smoothed it over the next day, so she would then only talk to Mega, lol.

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2 solid mixtapes. Probably the best rap collective in the UK. Getting rid of them fake yanks and replacing them with real characters like Bigz and V.I. was the best thing they could have ever done.
I slyly think this aswell right now tbh. lol a year ago if TF said that, I would have been laughing to myself reading it aswell, lol i hate when them kinda sh*t happens to me. 
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