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Usmanov - " Take My Money "

Heero Yuy

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8 hours ago, Heero Yuy said:

Usmanov is Deins boy for one. He's also actively disliked by most if not the entire board which speaks volumes. He's been speaking about the need to invest massively  in the squad for about 10 years. He seems to genuinely give a fuck about what happens on the field too. He supports wenger but has acknowledged the lack of support he gets from the board. He's openly tried to persuade the board to take his money for transfers before and they declined, this is a guy who owns 30% of the club ffs :/. Potentially Dein could come back under him too. Most people at Arsenal want to see some sort of change, because under the current structure is toxic. Maybe a new manager under the current board would reinvigorise things, or maybe Wenger under a new owner  that cares about winning titles will work too. The bid hasn't been formally rejected yet but I suspect it will. The first bid is undoubtedly trying to see what Stans apetite is to sell. Stan is ? in it for the money so I don't think for a second it's not possible. The massive factor is how tight is he with the board personally. Because they will be telling him to fuck Usmanov left right and centre. Even if he wanted to sell they would be pleading with him to sell it to somebody else.

Crazy he's not allowed in board meetings. Second biggest shareholder and that's how I'm treated I'd be using my power as a detriment to everyone else. 


I guess he's a massive fan and only wants what's best but he should just follow his bredrin to Everton. Take Dein with him and try and destroy what you helped build.


I respect any change is necessary to appease fans ATM its got that bad, but at the same time the change has to be the right one. See Glazers -> Ed -> Moyes -> LvG. 

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Usmanov deletes all excuses for Wenger and Arsenal FC.

Club would very quickly be built to win.

That said IMO Wenger would probably be the only manager that gets a longer reign than others. He'd quickly move and want to out do Roman and stop us being run like a sole trader company.

That said leak of bid or actual bid was kinda bad news for Wenger tomorrow ?

Stan ain't selling. We are his best performing and profit making franchise within his sports company and we give his son a wage... I actually believe the legacy thing, and we are a great for his seeming do the minimum reinvestment.


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Alisher Usmanov has admitted that he could sell his stake in Arsenal if the right offer were to appear, while denying reports he is currently in negotiations with Stan Kroenke over a sale. 

The Uzbekistan-born businessman holds 30 per cent of the Gunners' shares, while Kroenke is the majority shareholder at the club with 67%. 

According to recent reports, the entrepreneur, who also owns teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS, is looking to buy out Usmanov and take almost total control of affairs. 

That rumour brought a concerned reaction from the Arsenal Supporters' Trust, who fear that concentrating stock into Kroenke's hands would be a move towards private ownership.

Gunners legend Ian Wright also revealed his fears over a possible sale to the US businessman, but Usmanov has moved to allay those concerns. 

“In recent days there has been speculation relating to a possible offer for my 30% stake in Arsenal. As part of that I can understand the anxiety that these rumours are causing to the fans as reflected by the Arsenal Supporters; Trust," he said in a statement on Wednesday. 

"In light of this, I would like to be clear that I am not holding any talks with Mr Kroenke about a sale. My interest in Arsenal from the beginning was long term and my intention has always been to buy additional shares should they become available.

"This I did with the purchase of the stake of my business partner Farhad Moshiri with which I increased my shareholding from 15% to 30%, and also with my proposed offer for the stake of the majority shareholder which valued the club at some £2bn. That offer remains valid today."

Usmanov, whose efforts to gain majority control at Arsenal have failed in recent years as Kroenke has consolidated his majority, nevertheless admitted that his shares could be put up for sale at some point in the future.


 ye we're done, later lads.


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  Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov is actively exploring a sale of his stake in Arsenal, accepting that the London-based football club’s majority owner, the US sports mogul Stan Kroenke, will never sell control to him.

Mr Usmanov, a metals magnate who owns 30 per cent of the English Premier League club, has grown frustrated that Mr Kroenke is unwilling to engage in takeover talks and has given up all hope of acquiring the club outright, according to two people familiar with his thinking.

“He was really frustrated that Kroenke wouldn’t sell at any price and now just wants out,” said one of those with knowledge of Mr Usmanov’s intentions.

The decision marks the beginning of the end of a long-running battle for control over Arsenal, with the club’s two biggest shareholders locked in a bitter feud having repeatedly clashed over the direction of the club.




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