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Noooooooooooooo.Marcus is up with Freddie, which means Marcus is going. :(No more flying kicks for no reason. No more climbing up walls like spider man. No more 'I'll introduce him to captain smash'. No more rapeman looks. No more swearing at big brother thinking hes a goon. f*cks sake. I will be genuinely gutted when he goes. Well wanted him to win, the f*ck*ng nutjob.

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No wonder Noirin was warning that she aint nothing compared to what Bea is. These types can sense out other similar types.
co-sign/Bea is my hero, what a woman!!
LMAO!! NOIRIN WAS SOO RIGHT and bea is deep, proper orchestrated halfwit and marcus to get on nominations and now she wants to be friends. deep!
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