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Nipsey Hussle

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pmsl   YG>>>>>nipsey   got left behind and aint really progressed behave 

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I aint your role model

I aint on no positive sh*t

Im on some by any means a nigga got to get rich

Ski-mask schemes my teams only logic is this

Theres only one way up to go and thats up out of this sh*t

I never asked you for a loan so you aint borrowing sh*t

And too you niggas looking at me like a lick you can hit

I'd tell you ask the last nigga but he rested in piss

And y'all say you want the bread, But then y'all settle for chips

Or even worse a pack of peanuts if its less of a risk



adpjv adp




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<object type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data='http://on.hulkcdn.com/static/embed.swf' height='24' width='400' id='3765286'><param name='movie' value='http://on.hulkcdn.com/static/embed.swf' /><param name='FlashVars' value='soundFile=http://hulkshare.com/ap-5u2k957kf2x4.mp3&titles=Nipsey Hussle-Forever On Some Fly Shit&skin=sheep&dllink=http://www.hulkshare.com/5u2k957kf2x4'><param name='quality' value='high'><param name='menu' value='false'><param name='wmode' value='transparent'></object>

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