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Guest Tulse Hill

Clarifying The Truth - Withme or Withoutme

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Guest Tulse Hill

Just like to say I am clarifying from this day forth that Arsenal are not an elite force withint europe but a meersolid functional sustainable operation of high standards. I personally refuse to listen to arch rival fans and critics suggesting we are underperforming and will therefore turn a blind eye to these critics in maintaining the right image that Arsenal should be portrayed as within the public domain.I will go into every season with hope of success but these hopes are battle axed by a ton of reality, I will support my team through thick and thin and will accept from this day forth a place in the top 4 as a relative success.I am happy to accept that the club shouldn't be presurised and that the main pressure for sucessess is demanded by those clubs who lure for the money and have spent over the £100m in recent seasons i.e Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham who should all be fighting for top 4 status and that any slip up from either team mentioned should be relatively bombarded with hate mail and shame rather than the public looking down on Arsenal as a bad 4th placed than a good 4th place.Tulse

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