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The state of Hip Hop?

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Do you think it's in a bad state or a good one?I think it the state of hip hop is not as good as it should be. There are more rappers than mc's and i'm starting to think that mc's are a dying breed in today's hip hop. Although i have love for the hip hop of today i do think it is still worthy of some criticism.In my eyes, the south have kinda sucked out the story telling side of hip hop as well as the soul of it. The south has turned hip hop into a ringtone,club banger, dancing phenom.Now i don't really care about the dancing because that will always be an essential part of hip hop. But there is a part of me that makes me think hip hop is starting to lose it's identity. Kanye is getting to the stage where he has nothing else to prove, he has proved his critics wrong and he is in no rush to do an album. And for me kanye was the one that brought the soul back to hip hop. Jay-Z is obviously coming to an end, but i'm anticipating blueprint 3 as ye is on the buttons. So i'm starting to think who is the next set of mc's from the mid west/east & west coast to set the scene alight? Rick Ross & Weezy & T.I. are the heavyweights of hip hop, but they're from the south. I'm hearing talk of Drake his word play is tight, but come on it's drake ffs.AnywayWhat do you think of the state of Hip Hop?

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