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Avon Barksdale

United Have Europes Largest Attendence

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United top European attendances for 2008-09By Martin Caparrotta 3:18pm UK, Thursday August 6, 2009 • 146 viewsManchester United may have topped the chart for average attendances in European football across the 2008-09 season, but the German Bundesliga has more clubs than the Premier League in the top ten.United just pipped Real Madrid to the top spot with an average attendance of 75,304 for last season, with the Madrid side closely behind on 74,895.The only other Premier League club in the top 15 was Arsenal in seventh place with an average of 60,040. Celtic and Rangers also both made it into the top 15.German sides Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and FC Schalke were all in the top ten, making the Bundesliga the best represented league in the standings.Average Stadium Attendances 2008-09 – European Top 151. Manchester United – 75,3042. Real Madrid – 74,8953. Barcelona – 73,9134. Borussia Dortmund – 73,8025. Bayern Munich – 69,6226. FC Schalke – 61,3617. Arsenal – 60,0408. Celtic – 57,6709. AC Milan – 57,06610. Inter Milan – 55,18511. Hamburg – 54,74412. Marseille – 52,37613. Stuttgart – 51,34014. Hertha Berlin – 49,69515. Rangers – 49,533
Good to hear, well done lads for making us a team who 75,304 people want to watch week in week out

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