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swer down she went in

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Kiernan, if u f*ck with any1 from mitcham/pollards hill u got me and a caravan of pikeys 2 deal with dnt worry Rez, the gaffers here, u can now leave ure pit of solitude and now start posting again

i'm a Dawg... i'm a Beast.... I'm a Motherf*cking Problem.....

sad when two grown men cannot solve their internet differences by wit, and resort to the threat of physical fracas.Sad.

Guest Tulse Hill

Check the way Rez has gone missing from the forum, u watch he'll be back next week hoping everythigns died downMrkiernan don't let things die down, give him reminders this is unfinished business

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He's the one dat got hurt cos I called him moist but I'm supposed to go out of my way to of my way to link him, how does that work? I told him where I'm at, he can come down. I'm not even on da back n forth ting, he's a badman so come holler. No more to be saidReply to my pm, dnt play up to everyone

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