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Who has been watching the 2009 season5 races left and the young buck Jorge Lorenzo has closed the gap on Rossi back in the raceThis deserves its own thread cos i think alot of ppl are sleeping on it, I slept on it but now im a big fanheads who are interested this sh*t is exciting its not like forumla 1 which is nuff boring imo. literally anything can happen and does, 2 races ago Lorenzo leading rossi looking comfortable bang lorenzos off. last week pedrosa comes off and still gets into the points by the end of it, rossi crashed outthen u got man like casey stoner, he will hopefully be back soonmoto gp>>>>>>>>best place to catch up is bbc as they have most the races on iplayer and or highlights

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I'd like to see Simincelli get more podiums next year. He rides with more intent and flamboyance than the rest of the pack. He's always a person involved in the epic battles between 4,5 & 6. If we had duels like that for podium finishes more often it would be sick.

How long has it been since we saw a finish like this?


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