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In other news..

Liverpool have replaced reserve team coach John McMahon with academy technical director Pep Segura.

The Spaniard takes over the role on a temporary basis until the end of the season as the club prepares for a proper restructuring of their youth system this coming summer.

Segura has a reputation for aiding some of the finest players in the game with their development, helping to bring Spanish stars Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas through Barcelona's youth academy.

We have the best youngsters in English football and now one of the proven youth coaches in the world to compliment it. Its only temporary though.


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All the Aquilani stuffs mad tbh.

Every few days theres something different being reported. From what i've seen and heard he's on his way back, the juve financial situations been discussed in here already so i wont go into it again. They need him in all honesty, i've watched a few of their games this season and they always look better with him in the side, creating chances and helping them actually retain posession as opposed to always giving it away which they seem to do when he isnt playing. Their attack in the game against Milan was pretty sh*t and you could see where they needed him to actually giving them some attacking intent. Be happy if he comes back if im honest, he's a good centre mid and would fit into the way Kenny wants us to play. In terms of the midfield, theres no reason why we cant rotate. Its not like having Gerrard, Meireles,Lucas and Aquilani means ones going to be always on the bench. Depends on the opposition and how we aim to approach the game. Aquilani worked well within our side and sending him out on loan was a pathetic decision.

Theres also the question of if we look to bring in another more defensive midfielder, we've been linked with a few and its hard to say what we intend to do come summer.

Theres alot of questions over our team next season, alot of our problems get overlooked whereas others always get brought up. CB is interesting, Kelly has come in at right back and impressed alot but quite a few people dont seem to realise he's naturally a centre back and actually plays better there. We're dying for more height at centre back in the first team so he could remain at right back or be moved into the centre. Then theres Ayala, he's good in the air and looks a good centre back but its the question of whether he's good enough yet. I'd like to see him used as part of the first team squad next season, he's been doing well in the reserves for a long time, come into the first team for a few games and didnt look out of place then going out on loan to get more football has done him well. Both Hull and Derby have been impressed with his performances and both teams have had runs of clean sheets coinciding with him going to them on loan. Skrtel needs to go imo, he's too rash and im so sick of seeing him fail to make use of his size. Dives in so much and he's useless in the air so often its disgusting, the amount of times he just watches the player and not the ball leaves me wondering how we dont give away a penalty every time he plays. Theres games where he looks like no-one will get past him, and his challenges are pefectly timed but these games are few and far between. We either need to buy someone to replace him in the summer or give one of the younger centre backs his place. We still have Danny Wilson aswell who has performed well when he's played and Mavinga out on loan who looked decent before his problems with the transition from Rafa being incharge to Roy being appointed and him going out on loan.

Kyrgiakos is an interesting one. Imo he has quite a few good games and he's the only centre back other than Agger who actually attacks the ball in the air. He sometimes gets turned but for the most part he puts in very good performances and sures up the defence. I dont get the calling for him to be sold in all honesty. He's an experienced player who is reliable, he's commanding in the air in both boxes and we never get any problems from him. He's okay with being a squad player and doesnt complain he's not getting enough games, he's exactly the kind of player we need in the squad. imo Kyrgiakos should remain at the club.

All the players who were bought unnecessarily or are just underperforming need to be sold, Brad Jones was the most pointless buy, sell him. We do not need him atall when we have Gulacsi as a suitable back-up to Reina and who should have been promoted to back-up goalie as soon as Cavalieri left. Theres so many players who need to be moved on.



Cole (unless he drastically improves his fitness and form before the seasons done)





El Zhar


Come summer transfer window we need a good combination of buys, younger players being promoted into the first team squad/set-up and shipping out the dead wood.

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Ive seen Aquilani at Juve and saw a fair bit if him at Roma..

He is a cm ..Rafa played him in the hole, i think he did that to ease him into the english game but for me he is better coming from deep

The quality is there, of course he could play with Merieles

I wudnt write Cole off yet but Lpool with or without Aquilani next season will be a threat

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C/S Trim

Anyone clocked we have no flair whatsoever across the midfield and wings apart from glimpses from Raul? Its so bad Suarez needs to run in the channels and push back into the hole. We are a very rigid team without the guy.

Quick, agile, turn on a six pence wingers are definitely needed. We haven't had a glimmer of a spark coming in from the wings since the Luis Garcia days and that WILL be rectified once and for all this summer because we have the most dominant aerial striker in the prem (soon to be the world) to feed off. Sanchez/Young/Elia or someone in that mould is a must.

Midfield we just need a wrecker. A non stop worker who battles for the ball constantly - our Masch set the pace for the rest to follow.

Defensively I just want a left wing back and give Kelly or even Wilson a chance in his preferred position in the middle alongside Agger because Skrtel's consistency and decision making is always in question. Buying a centreback is pointless tbh because we already have very good young centrebacks and a few backup golden oldies. Skrtel, Agger, Wilson, Kelly, Ayala, Soto, Carra. Carra is at a stage of his career where he should feel the need to give the youngster a chance because he has lost a few yards of pace but knowing him he would play with one leg if he had to.

All I want is left winger, a midfield destroyer and a left back this summer.

Ideally I would like something like this:

Johnson -------- Kelly/Carra -------- Agger ------- Coentrao/Bastos

-------------Meireles/Gerrard --------- Lucas/"midfield destroyer"

-----------------------------Gerrard/Meireles (making the odd forward runs)

------Suarez (supporting AC9)------Young/Elia/Sanchez (running the channels)


I'd prefer Young in the channel role cos he's proven he can play well in and around the pocket. That formation would also bring the best out of our attacking wing backs.

Summer cannot come sooner. [rowzay] THE SUMMERS MINE [/rowzay]

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If we do buy a centreback who is as good as Agger is and he's good enough to go straight into the 1st team at least 2 of our backups will be unsettled and wanting leave or out on loan. I just don't see it as a high priority compared to the other positions that need sorting for us right now.

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you couldnt name a man utd player who had an incident due to temperment, apart from blackett who reacted to coadys lash out kick, if that was a premiership game with that incident he wouldnt of been sent off

your team just lost their heads and became sore-losers towards the end of the match

its to be expected tbh, blacketts reaction is to be expected aswell and argubly warranted at this level, coady's however was not

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