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Mr. Gayle

Hmmm Whats the Catch Here

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Further investigation has lead me to the following:

if any site accepts paypal you can not get scammed. they accecpt paypal and there email is to there own site not gmail or yahoo or something. so your good man go for it.EDIT: never mind dude i just tried to make a purchase there just to see there payment options and once you try and pay they only offer money transfers western union and **** like that. so stayyyyy awayyyyyy.
honestly... i think its a scam. i asked them how long they've been in buisness they said 2007. at the bottom of e-infall.com it says 2004-2009... i also noticed that their manager "Hong Chang" has one of the most common names in China, making them harder to track down. another thing... people's e-mails were getting hacked and advertising for e-infall.com so i'd say its about 90% scam, 10% legit...and they dont have anything for under $100... this way u cant just order something small and see if you even get your order or not. also, their payment methods seem kinda bs. but this is just my opinion =]. try http://www.ecost.com/ or even http://www.refurbdepot.com/ for a cheap, good notebook. refurbished computers at refurbdepot have a 2% return rate... think about it

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