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also gonna be adding drag curls


anything to gain by changing the width of grip? 

I fixed my bad form by holding my elbows close to my ribs, so I could see any elbow movement in the mirror, but with that now fixed, I think I could keep my elbows still while wider, if there is any reason to do so. 



Wider grip = focus on the outer part of the muscle

Closer grip = focus on the inner part of the muscle


Structure your routine to have exercises which utilise both grips.


wider grip = more inner part and vice versa

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if anyone cares i started goin gym mid November, 20th to be exact, when i started i couldnt do a single pull up today i just did 10, had to fight for the last one, but still counts ive got 0 motiva

Don't have a video of my max but here's me under 90+

It's that deep / We have different mindsets when it comes to this gym thing Lens.

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anyone do front squats? helped improve my squat form a lot and a good core workout


Front squats are great, I love em. Once I got used to the cross-armed stance at least.


Tried cross grip at first but when weight gets heavier it's harder to balance i find


Now I use olympic style grip. Requires good wrist flexibility but you get used to it after a while

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