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LOLI f*ck*ng love american football.What position do you play Eks?Wide Receiver is me.Not really on getting flattened by people who weight about 6 stone more than me (not even an exaggeration).
Man, if you're quick the big guys won't catch you! You're from London right? Where in London? Should come join my team senior league team when we start training again in November. It's in South London.
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Eksgot my training schedule sorted.When I get back on Monday its solid routine time.Cant f*ck*ng wait.Aiming to pack on about 1.5-2 stone by Dec.Come January I'm gonna be on this NFL sh*t big time.At the moment I'm just learning the ropes/training with some Americans I met who are showing me everything.And yeah, I'm lightning fast right now, but that's going to f*ck off out the window when the weight comes unless I watch it.*SMASHES SIDES OF HELMET*

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Losing strength or just not gaining it as quickly as you're gaining size? If you're actually losing it then I'm baffed.
Actually losing strength on certain exercises, it's mainly the ones I don't particularly like. My flat bench is suffering right now, I was making steady progress towards 100kg but right now 75kg is pressure.Gonna bully him into coming back, he actually doesn't have a choice.
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