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iPhone X has an OLED screen made by Samsung that has less resolution the S8

X is 2436 x 1125

S8 is 2960 x 1440

same size screen

Pixel XL has a smaller screen but higher res too, not OLED though

LG V30 is though and that too has a higher res

all of them apart from Pxeil XL also have HDR 

Apple do the whole super retina and true tone or whatever though


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V30 for me. looking to see how much carphone warehouse wants for it

XL doesnt have a headphone jack or wireless charging, although the camera has me interested and itll get quick updates. it has a P-OLED screen as well which should be a step up

Note 8 just doesnt excite me, it's an S8+ with a pen, smaller battery and boxier shape with a worse placed finger print sensor (even though i dont use them)


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I got the Note 8. My first android phone in 5 years. Made that leap from IPhone. 

I really like it. The pen is handier that you would think. Personally prefer the boxier shape compared to the S8. It depends. Q30 has a more typical aspect ratio so for a phone that big it will be more cumbersome to use unless you have bigger hands. But I'm glad I moved over. I was so underwhelmed by the iPhone X announcement that th next day I ordered the note 8 on preorder. 


The main thing that put me off the V30 is that it doesn't look like a premium handset. But it is cheaper than the note 8 so there in lies the compromise. 

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Want the X.

But the price and fact apple removed 128GB.

64GB I might be alright with, judging by current use

128GB would be plenty

256GB is just way too much.

The entry iphone x should have 128gb not 64gb especially with that price.

Not ready to go back to Android nothings really tempting me, if I did the only one i'd be interested in would be the S8 since the Pixel 2 5" is:/


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