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Money Laundry Clothing

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03.pngClothing Line “Money Laundry” Debut at Industry Trade ShowAugust 31 - September 2, 2009Los Angeles, CA – (August 1st, 2009). Money Laundry, llc announced the launch of their new clothing line, MONEY LAUNDRY, which will debut at Magic: Las Vegas, held from August 31 - September 2, 2009 in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The line, inspired by and made from US currency, is thought to be the first-ever clothing line made from recycled currency. Through a patented process, Money Laundry created “Money Thread,” thread recycled from real US currency, and use it in each custom piece of clothing included in the line. Each design also draws its graphic influences from US currency from the 19th and 20th centuries.“We are extremely proud of the craftsmanship and design that goes into each and every piece in the Money Laundry line,” said designers Eric Denman and Christina Anderson. “The Money Thread process is something that we’re excited about, and that we feel makes us stand out from the crowd. We’re excited to share this with the world at Magic: Las Vegas.”In addition to the unique influences drawn from US currency, each piece in the Money Laundry line is hand dyed, and custom washed, made in the US from 100% cotton. The Money Thread is then hand stitched. Each item in the product line is completely unique.The Money Laundry line will be included in an upcoming traveling pop-up gallery show showcasing money-themed art, launching early 2010 in New York City.About Money Laundry, llcMoney Laundry was founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California.The line grew out of their gallery, The Money Gallery, in New York City, NY, based on money-themed art.There is a Money Laundry showroom in Los Angeles at: 8560 West Sunset Blvd. 6th Floor W. Hollywood, CA 90069, in addition to The Money Gallery.For more information, including clothing images, please contact:Money Laundry, llc310.285.2736http://themoneylaundry.com/press/watch me see nuff rappers rockin sh*t like this soon

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