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Paul Pogba

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has been found out

the black ibrahimovvic ?

You don't watch football stop trying to be controversial.


Still think he's young and would excel at a diff club he's reached his peak for Juve.

But he is overrated cause he has them shits trims and scores the occasional banger.

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Bane prob watched him 3 times max

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29 minutes ago, Heero Yuy said:

Real need to sell before they can Buy and Barca are broke with Neymars contract lol.

PSG may pick up interest now Emry has been officially confirmed.

Ed needs to move bullish on this one while everyone’s putting their house in order.

Yea in a rational world it seems they need to flog James to PSG, but knowing Real they will see us bid then just panic and spend now account later 

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They had to sell Morata back tho, they dont have to sell pogba to them, and if they do i reckon they would add a nice 'Morata Tax' on top to get back at them.

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