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[MP3] Mind + Matt-U on Your Time Radio 081009

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TWUlogo11.GIF'Your Time' dubstep radio show with MIND & special guest MATT-U, on Intense Live. Quote "Your Time" at http://www.intenserecords.co.uk and get 10% OFF your purchases!mindlogossmall.jpgtwentytwelvelogo.jpgArchived mix (8th October 09) from 'Your Time' radio show with MIND & special guest MATT-U!.mind.jpg'Your Time' radio show with MIND & special guest MATT-U!Tracklist:Mind in the mix:01. Mind - Max the Adventurer (DUBplate)02. Heny G - Retro Love (DUb, Forthcoming Gangsta Boogie)03. Tri-Funk - untitled 653,11 (DUBplate)04. DJ Madd - In the Lounge (DUBplate)05. TKR - In the Midnight (DUBplate)06. Twisted - Changes (DUB,Forthcoming Red Volume)07. TRG - Love 2 Hide (DUBplate)08. Data & Altair - Untitled1 (DUBplate)09. Breakage feat. Skream - Skreakage (MP3)10. Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Bass 96 (Dub, Forthcoming Bass & Love)11. BEEP - Rubik's Cube Spin12. Mister Science - Thats My Jam (DUBplate)13. Kulture - Tyrone (DUBplate)14. Spherix - Bumper (DUBplate)15. Headhunter & F - Dedale (Transistor Records)16. Truth - Payback (DUBplate)17. Tes La Rok - Inta (DUBplate)18. Boot - Satellite - (Dub, Forthcoming Terminal Dusk)19. Seven and Elvee - Step into a Dream (Dub, Forthcoming Subway)20. Roommate and The Bassist - Rub A Dub [Fused Forces Remix](Dubplate)21. Fluid - DreamState (DUBplate)22. Von D & Riskotheque - Like a Bird (Dub, Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz)23. Physical - You and I (DUBplate)24. Mind (Featuring Illy MC) - Your Time (DUBplate)25. k-lab & Analouge mc - Wrecked [Evil remix](DUBplate)26. Tafuri - City Of Dub [Tafuri 'Mind' VIP] (DUBplate)27. Knights of the Dub Table - Sing it to Me [Optimus Gryme Remix] (DUBplate)Matt-U in the mix:01. MATT-U - The Thing [Dub, Forthcoming Black Box]02. BENGA and WALSH - Biscuit Factory [Dub, Forthcoming Biscuit Factory]03. EMALKAY - Solid State [DUBplate]04. MATT-U - Can't Wake Up [Dub, Forthcoming Boka]05. NOAH D - Seeerious [subway]06. JADE and MATT-U - Grindhouse [Dub, Forthcoming Lime Dubs]07. DJ MADD - Better With You (AKIRA KITESHI remix) [boka]08. RISKOTHEQUE and MATT-U - Elephant Man [Dub, Forthcoming Sequence]09. KITO feat. REIJA LEE - LFO [Dub, Forthcoming Disfigured Dubz]10. DJ MADD - Dub Marine [DUBplate]11. MATT-U - Whyle The f*ck Out [Dub, Forthcoming Boka]12. ZERO G - Ransom [Dub, Forthcoming S.C.U.M.]13. MATT-U - Alone [DUBplate]14. VON D feat. PHEPHE - Sunlight [DUBplate]15. HEADHUNTER and MATT-U - The Chosen One [Dub, Forthcoming Black Box]Download Link 1: (left click link, and download from the website) http://dnbshare.com/download/Your_Time_wit...81009_.mp3.htmlYour Time Radio information : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=85213894259&ref=ts Updates on Matt-U.http://www.myspace.com/mattudubBased in Budapest, Hungary.Budapest based DJ/producer Matt-U is nothing less than a tune making machine. Armed with a seriously heavy deep and techy based sound, Matyas Szalai has made a name for himself releasing hard and heavy drum & bass for labels as renowned as the legendary Moving Shadow, Timeless and Cylon. With over 34 releases to his name since 2004, this is one producer you should be keeping an eye on.His music encapsulates many genres of music, from drum & bass to dubstep, but all with that ‘Matt-U’ sound running throughout. Recently his dubstep tracks have been getting plenty of attention from DJs such as N-Type, TRG, Luke Envoy, Tes La Rok and many more. Look out for his releases forthcoming on Subway, Boombap, Mata-syn, Dub4Life and N-Type’s Wheel & Deal. With just as much artistic emphasis placed on his DJ sets as his production, Matt-U can truly claim to cold rock a party with his impeccable blend of beats, incorporating everything from techy rollers to deeper, ambient pieces. This is one DJ who isn’t afraid to drop the right tune, at the right time to take the crowd on a very special journey. Two huge Matt-U's tracks on N-Types Wheel & Deal records has just recently been released, some copies still available at: http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/se ... EELYDEALY3Wheel & Deal 003:Wheel & Deal 003: Matt-U - Jump/Closer Then the ever growing and consistently great Boka records has picked up two new tracks for their Boka 023 release:Boka 023: Matt-U – Whyle the f*ck out / Can’t wake upBlack Acres sister label Black Box see's Matt-U team up with Headhunter for one of the collabs of the year with The Chosen One and his solo The Thing.Black Box 002: Matt-U – The Thing / Headhunter and Matt-U – The Chosen OneThen a release we know a lot of people have been waiting for will be due out on S.C.U.M recordings with a 3 track bundle.S.C.U.M. 005: Matt-U – Dope/Take Cover/Black LodgeHistorically the Matt-U collaborations have been huge, and we see him team up with DJ Madd and his old DnB production partner Jade for some heavier hitters.Tube 10 forthcoming:Tube10: DJ Madd and Matt-U – Sound SystemLime Dubs forthcoming:Lime dubs 003: Jade and Matt-U – Grindhouse / ?And finally 3.5 records has picked up Rowdy with the flip to be announced for their Reading, UK based label.3.5 Rec: Matt-U – Rowdy / ?And Biscuit Factory has picked up Compass which has been receiving huge support around the globe.Biscuit Factory 003: Matt-U – Compass / ?Mind: - http://www.myspace.com/mindsmusik Booking Matt-U & Mind: This Way Up Artist Agency. Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/mattudub.html & http://www.twuagency.co.uk/mind.html Email: bookings@twuagency.co.uk AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency TEL: 0044 7979 325 737TWUlogo11.GIF

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