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Arsène Wenger never wants to give up taking training.The Arsenal manager reaches 60 today, an age when many of us start winding down our working life. However the Frenchman coaches the players everyday and does not feel the need to change that.“No, it is not me to stop,” he said speaking before the weekend game. “If one day I do not do that anymore then I do not see why I should only have the problems!“One of the enjoyments I have is to coach and I feel I have mastered many different parts of it. When I started I was alone. I was goalkeeper coach, fitness coach, everything so I have learned the job the way you should learn it.“I think you are like you are from the age of 20. Just with more or less strength. I have competition in my genes. Sometimes it is a problem, sometimes it is luck but that is me and I just get on with it.”
Arsène Wenger is famously forward-looking but, on reaching 60, even he took time out to reflect on what he has learned during his coaching career.The Frenchman made his name at Monaco, spent an enlightening spell in Japan and then, 13 years ago, arrived at Arsenal. His tenure has been little short of revolutionary. However nothing has been easy and, speaking before the weekend, he revealed what he has had to learn.“I would say the biggest lesson I have learned in life is rigour,” he said. “Discipline, discipline and discipline again.“I have learnt that no one has enough ability to live off it alone. It does not go far and a life without work goes nowhere.“I have also learnt humility. Sometimes you think at 40 you know it all but I have found out everyone can be right in football. Someone not in the job can say something completely stupid and they can be right.”

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