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new chappelle stand up

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Not on kevin harts level yanno   I'm actually mad.

Same tbh

Could never place david among legends like patrice o neal 

Hart is not even in Chapelles league as a stand up comedian although Kevin is a beast at TV writing. Strangely I've never understood the Chappelle excitement, he's good but there are so many more comics from the same era that I enjoy more.


That said all the black comics seem to hold him in the highest esteem. Heard Foxx and Chris Rick say that he makes them feel inadequate with his ability.

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On 23/03/2017 at 11:01 PM, i5_PRODUCER said:


THE GOAT at least for me anyways

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Was actually in tears @ the kevin hart bit. 


man said i was furious :rofl: 


says nigga, makes multiple references to racism = people laughing before the punchline

says faggots, makes jokes about lbgt community = audible intakes of breath, gasps

was a gd 2 hours still

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