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ukg Duncan Powell - Free UK Garage Downloads

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A few more tracks for you to download for free.Track 1 a 140bpm, reggae/dub/dubstep instrumental/dub track titled "Dubble"http://media.slicknfresh.com/samples/Dunca...well_Dubble.mp3Track 2, a classic 2 step garage track with sparse beats bass, female vocal hooks and rhodes stabs titled "Time Out"http://media.slicknfresh.com/samples/Dunca...ll_Time_Out.mp3A double A-sided bumpy 4x4 release Time:http://www.duncanpowell.co.uk/push/Duncan_Powell_Time.mp3Want To Have You:http://www.duncanpowell.co.uk/push/Duncan_...To_Have_You.mp3It's a male vocal 2step deep track harking back to the golden era of 2step:Believe It's True:http://www.duncanpowell.co.uk/push/Duncan_...'s_True.mp3check out www.thepushep.blogspot.com and also http://www.youtube.com/user/dragonremixes

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