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We talking big issues right?

Why do they all have European headgear? 

Can only hope the gun jams one day and nature takes its due course.

Guest Malcolm Tucker
im goin to get my tatoos now so bye but frisco you say lyrical skeng too much and skeng man mode write a diff bar about 2 hours ago via web

and big h your the shittest mc right now realtalk i would punch you in the face for how sh*t you are

some1 ask ja ja soze if he is spitting in english yet

im banning maxwell d from spitting on grime beats if you hear him on them tell me i run up on him and light him up you sh*t mc max about 6 hours ago via web

im about to go and get 4 tattos done gotta go 1 of them saying maxwell d will never be better than me in his life of existence

wiley >>>>

always on a mad hype the day before his single releases

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Guest Malcolm Tucker

lmao Wiley is on a mad one, 196 new tweets since I went out and I swear he must have about half of them.

man said maxwell d's chart position comes like a lottery ticket :rofl:

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