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We talking big issues right?

Why do they all have European headgear? 

Can only hope the gun jams one day and nature takes its due course.

3 hours ago, yhfam said:

Fuckin ell

twitter has really given a voice for these gargoyles

Her stupid tweet is grammatically incorrect anyway

She must have meant to say they don't understand otherwise shes sayin these man understand payin for her time ain worth the p

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anyone with 'bearded' in thier name is usually a c*nt 

i get it tho since you asked her you should be paying 

and guys if you dont subscribe to above mentality then why get triggered by a woman that does 

there are plenty of girls who will literally only date guys with p that dont evenr entertain the idea of a woman  entering her purse 

good luck to them and tbh they have to be pretty/sexy enough to pull it off 

this one seems young , naive and she looks basic , she'll soon find out how the real world works by the times shes going on 30 and all her friends are doing the most with thier ig weddings whilst she is still living her best life in la lounge 

a lol and keeping it moving is all that required 


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