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Bush Bash Recordings

Bush Bash Recordings ......Am In The Building !

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Yo Peeps Were Bush Bash Recordings a independent label by the Artist ( Myself Mc Bushkin of the Heartless Crew ) for the Artist. Yes all you talented people out there who are not getting represented.I currently have two Artist signed to my label a Female called Discreet and a Male Artist called Shizzle (who some of you may remember from the Grime days ) They are currently working on loads of material across all genres some of which can be found on my youtube page www.youtube.com/bushbashents please feel free to subscribe also if you ve got time join our facebook fan page www.facebook.com/bushbashrecordings or check us out on soundcloud/bushbashrecordings Either way i ll be posting links to new songs and videos on here and catching up with you lot seeing and hearing whats new. 1Love Bush Bash Recordings.

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