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TWUlogo11.GIFRISKOTHEQUE :: HUSH HOUSE EXCLUSIVE MIX #004DisfiguredDubznet.jpgwickylindowslogo.jpgaudiofreakslogo.jpgzaudiologo.jpgsequencelogo.jpgxsdubzlogo.jpgbokalogo.jpg3.5reclogo.jpghttp://www.twuagency.co.uk/riskotheque.htmlBrighton based Riskotheque brings us the fourth addition to our mix series where we showcase a slice of talent from each of the many areas of Dubstep. This one fits nicely into the rolling underground bass heavy sounds, tight beats and soaring atmospherics.Not one for bigging himself up so we'll just have to do it for him...! Those in his vicinity should pop into the record store where he works - I don't know which one it is but go hunt it down, there can't be that many in Brighton. I'm certain he only gives top advice on what's hot or not cos he shown us how to put together a stompin set of dubs but not only that - he knows how to produce them too. Those who aren't familiar with his current releases check here. Otherwise get this on the download sharpish cos it's bangin'.riskothequenet.jpgTracklist:01. BadBwoy - Riskotheque [forthcoming XSDUBS]02. Elephant Man - Riskotheque & Matt U [forthcoming Sequence]03. Like A Bird - Von D & Riskotheque [forthcoming Disfigured Dubz]04. Mollusc (Riskotheque Remix) - Ribs & IG88 [forthcoming Artz of War]05. Fur Ballz - Fused Forces [dub]06. Guillotine - Matt U & Riskotheque [forthcoming Boka]07. Misfit - Twist & Marchmellow [forthcoming Artz of War]08. Jonestown - The Bassist & Triage [dub]09. Galvanize - DatsiK [forthcoming SMOG]10. Monster - Riskotheque [forthcoming 3.5]11. Hypothermic - Excision & The Subdivision [Paradise Lost]12. Heaven & Hell - Riskotheque [Audio Phreaks]13. Wizard Sleeve - Funtcase & Southbound Hangers [forthcoming Prime Audio]14. Not Afraid - DJ Madd [dub]Download Link 1: Click here Hush house info: http://hush-house.blogspot.com/DJ BOOKINGS FOR RISKOTHEQUE Contact: Steve / Milena / Kitemail: bookings @ twuagency.co.ukBooking This Way Up Dubstep Artists: This Way Up Artist Agency. Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/riskotheque.htmlEmail: bookings@twuagency.co.uk AIM: AfterThaEnd, TWUAgency TEL: 0044 7979 325 737TWUlogo11.GIF

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