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Former 50 Cent enemies to collaborate on 50 farewell album

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NEW YORK- After the dismal first week sales performance of his latest release, former multiplatinum artist 50 Cent may be thought of to be down and out. As a result, several of 50's "enemies" have come together to collaborate on what may be an all-star filled tribute album to air out greivances, reflect on 50's career and bid him a final farewell into obscurity.50's competitive & abrasive nature alienated him from much of the hip hop community. "The ***** couldn't let nobody eat man. It was like if you had any kinda clout, and you wasn't riding for the Unit you had to go," Rick Ross told us at a Chinese buffet in midtown Manhattan. "When the ***** projections came out, me and Triple C's was just laughing. How you gonna clown *****s for sales when you doin Nelly numbers?"Within the industry as well as on various blogs and messageboards, a shift was clear. 50's somber demeanor on his routine promotional appearance on 106 and Park earlier this week showed a man defeated by confusion & disappointment. Other interviews showed 50 as unapologetic, deflecting the blame to internet leaks and high level marketing & product placement errors. It was all a significant change from the jovial, condescending demeanor 50 had during an interview on a Connecticut radio show, sarcastically crying over the disappointing first week sales of Triple C's (Rick Ross' group) debut album.Ross' came up with the idea during an unexpected meeting with another Miami rapper, Fat Joe. "I had seen him maybe that Friday at this buffet I be at in Miami. We got to choppin it up, and he was sayin how *****s need to come together on some 'Goodbye Curtis' @%!#. A few texts and phone calls later and it was on."Ross revealed that he already has confirmed appearances from the likes of Kanye, Game, Raekwon, Lil Kim, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Ja Rule, The L.O.X. and several other hip hop heavyweights who were the subjects of 50's seemingly random attacks. He even hinted at a possible appearance from hip hop legends Nas and Jay-Z. "My man Kanye told Jay about it, and he said Jay sounded real interested. It's gonna be crazy, all these bosses- Wayne, Kanye, Jay, me all on some rap we are the world ****."Ross, nor other sources could not confirm or deny Nas would be on, though when we contacted him he had this to say: "Yea I helped duke get in the game. It was crazy how he flipped on *****s. Jay called me- I had just moved into this new crib so I ain't know the number, matter fact I ain't even give it out yet- but yea we talked about it and might do something. I dunno. He supposed to get back from Europe like next week."Regardless, the buzz surrounding the project is growing, and Ross hopes to have the album done by the end of the year. "I got all the pieces in place. We got the Justice League on, we got some New York producers, studio time and everything. I think it's safe to say I'm in a real good creative space right now," he says with a mischievous grin.

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