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[Dubstep mp3] MIND B2B DJ IZM - Your time Radio 121109

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TWUlogo11.GIF'Your Time' dubstep radio show with MIND B2B special guest DJ IZM, on Intense Live. Quote "Your Time" at http://www.intenserecords.co.uk and get 10% OFF your purchases!mindlogossmall.jpgtwentytwelvelogo.jpgArchived mix (12th November 09) from 'Your Time' radio show with MIND B2B special guest DJ IZM!.mind.jpg'Your Time' radio show with MIND & special guest DJ IZM!Tracklist:Mind B2B DJ IZM in the mix:01. Polar - Chula (Warm Communications)02. Faib - Ticking Clocks (Ranking)03. Instra : Mental - Tramma (NonPlus)04. ChaCah - Feel You ft. Olivia (RYC Dubstep Edit) - V3 LMT (DUBplate)05. Kloke - Aquarius (Entrada Recordings)06. Mind - Cocktails & Coke!! (Eight:FX)07. Boxcutter - Otherside Remix [Earth Is My Spaceship] (Planet Mu)08. Headhunter - In Motion (Tempa)09. Appleblim - Girder (Skull Disco)10. Alix Perez [feat Truth & Lynx] - No Grudge (Shogun Audio)11. Tri-Funk - ??? (DUBplate)12. Headhunter & F - Dedale (Transistor)13. 2562 - Theorem (Tectonic)14. Quarta 330 - Bleeps From Outer Space (Hyperdub)15. Wu Tang Clan - Now Or Never [Parson RMX] (iHiphop)16. mRjOSEPH - I don't want nobody (DUB, Forthcoming PR Recordings)17. Lung - Time (DUB, Forthcoming Kokeshi)18. Phaeleh - Cheki (DUB, Forthcoming Formant)19. Sia - Where I Belong [Various Production RMX]20. Gatekeeper - Tomb (Skull Disco)21. Current Value & Rodell ft. Underhill - User Error (Subtrakt)22. Physical - You and I [dub] v123. Knights of the Dub Table - Sing it to Me [Optimus Gryme Remix] (DUBplate)24. I.D., Reso - Torvus - (Smokin Sessions)25. Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Bass 96 (DUB, Forthcoming Bass & Love)26. Vex'D - Smart Bomb (Planet Mu)27. unknown - ???28. Massive Music - Find My Way [Kode 9 RMX] (Hyperdub)29. Heny G - Delayed Style (DUB, Forthcoming gangsta Boogie Music)30. Mind - Max the Adventurer (DUB, Forthcoming Gangsta Boogie Music)31. DJ Madd - Maybe (DUBplate)32. Burial - Foster Care (Hyperdub)33. Leila - Daisies, Cats And Spacemen [w/Roya Arab] (Warp)34. Peverelist - The Grind (Punch Drunk)35. unknown - ???36. Headhunter - In Motion (Tempa)Download Link 1: (left click link, and download from the website) http://beatplexity.com/mix/?id=5529Download Link 2: (Right Click Save as) http://www.twuagency.co.nz/mixes/yourtimeradio/Your_Time_with_Mind_B2B_IZM_121109.mp3Your Time Radio information and past downloads : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=85213894259&ref=ts Updates on IZM.http://www.myspace.com/izmdjBio:Based in London.A diverse Deejay, able to play any genera and add his unique style to evolve the sounds. IZM's DJ sets are a truly genuine blend of all its subgenres starting from atmospheric sounds through liquid flavors and techy neurofunk to heavy darkside choppage. Being a prolific DJ he also spins real Hip Hop, Funk, Downtempo and House / Breakz. Adding a pinch of turntablism to his sets, scratching, cutting and manipulating the music he always aims to produce a new quality of sounds. IZM has been unleashing a series of quality mixes through the internets being picked up and downloaded by thousands of listeners around the world. IZM has also played numerous radio shows around the globe on high profiled stations receiving a huge reception. Having organized events in Poland over the last 7 Years, IZM has also joined the This Way Up team in 2007 co-organizing the events. Mind: - http://www.myspace.com/mindsmusik DJ BOOKINGS FOR MIND & IZM:This Way Up Artist Agency. Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/mind.html & http://www.twuagency.co.uk/izm.htmlEmail: bookings@twuagency.co.uk AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency TEL: 0044 7979 325 737TWUlogo11.GIF

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