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Fireworks in Nightclub

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According to witnesses, an accident involving a "cold" fireworks exhibition, designed for indoor use, occurred during the eighth anniversary celebrations. One of the fireworks which was being tossed into the air and then caught hit the plastic covering of the ceiling and caused it to burst into flames, with walls and ceiling, decorated with woven twigs, quickly catching fire also and filling the building with smoke.A panic and a stampede ensued when many patrons found themselves cut off from the one public exit, with most unaware of the emergency exits location behind the stage. Other doors had been intentionally sealed closed by the management. Others died from inhalation of the toxic fumes.

Whoever thought of indoor fireworks in that THAT club with all those flammable WALLS AND ROOF and blocking off the exits and that little door. f*ck man.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perm_nightclub_explosion

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