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Miss World 2009 - Travel Channel - 3pm/9.30pm - IF you're interested...

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Heads up for Miss World 09 on the Travel Channel, Sat, 3pm / 9.30pmI know it's generally a celebration of European looks and shapes, but I always like to see what the Yanks, South American and Caribbean countries put foward...Miss Jamaica Kerry%20Baylis-campari-miss-jamaica-world.jpgYes, I know... out of all these this is who they picked...Miss Bahamas88-Bahamas_4_resize.jpgMiss Martinique120-Martinique_1_thumb.jpgMiss Venezuela158-Venezuela_1_resize_thumb.jpgMore here... http://www.missworld.com/index.php?option=com_contestant&view=allcontestant&Itemid=84

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