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hiphop Fabolous

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One of the goat story telling tracks pos

That and can u hear me are probably his best tracks imo

The money so strong they see it from my perspective






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all well n good, pleasant listen no doubt


but the only thing sticing in my head is the hook on we good, wavehhhh

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Releasing his first official album in five years, Fabolous climbed up to #12 with The Young OG Project selling 66,312 units in its first week on the shelves. The album, which wasn't available for streaming anywhere, also saw just over 47,305 single song sales which helped boost its overall total activity count to 71,042.

Describing the release in an interview with Rolling Stone, Fab said "It's kind of like a vanity project. I kept getting these beats that were inspired by Nineties records, so I just busted some raps on top of 'em. I felt like I'm a good person to represent that, because I've been around since the late Nineties, and I'm still putting out music, 15 years later."

Rick Ross Hood Billionaire album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 74,444 copies in the United States.[26] It was a 50% decrease in sales from his previous studio album, Mastermind, released eight months earlier that year, which sold 179,000 copies in its first week of sales.



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