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Ya'll nigga like L.A., Ya'll loss n jealous

Check it the ver 2, My phone cost 11 thou

You betta warn a brother like Kevin Lowes

You lookin at a nigga who den sold cane

I put the purple in the air like soul plane

Rap niggas thinkin like damn, What kinda lane he in

Switch the black card from plastic 2 titanium

I spit the "A" class lines, They spit "B" shit

Spit that "B" shit, Ya never gon be shit

See how I "C" shit, I bone with the "D' shit

Got plenty bitches down in Philly on that "E" shit

I say "F" niggas cause I'm on sum "G" shit


wtf hows fab gonna reuse his bars

he spat this in his latest mixtape, soul tape

i feel robbed

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