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Need a new phone, the hero served me well but its time to move on.


thinking of the Desire Z but also thinking maybe a BB might be more adequate for networking, put a BBM on Android and its over

Pretty sure I saw the HD2 running the BB software on youtube.

Won't be long til Android catch up anyway

We taking overrrrr!

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Got a good app called Sms Popup, which makes the message popup on screen straightaway

3G Watchdog: if you're on a limited data plan, this small app is a must-have. It monitors your 3g data usage and warns you when you're approaching your monthly limit. It also breaks down daily and weekly usage for you.

BodyFitness and JEFIT for the gym ones among us

Finally, Gmote - brilliant little app. Allows you to remotely control your PC using your phone. Which means you can start, stop or skip music/video or control a powerpoint presentation from your PC while on the other end of the room.

Sorry if any of these have been posted already

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Aquired a Desire HD today....I was plannin on taking advantage of fone4you generous offer of "if u dont like the fone tell us in 7days n we'll reverse ur upgrade" blah blah blah talk...but im not gona lie, coming from a N97 im seein some huuuuuuuuuuuge potential inthis fone!!

buuuuuuuttt i see the Desire Z looming in the distance, im tempted to still send this back n get that...but boooooooooyy im not sure i can go back to usin the N97, now ive seen what it could ave potentially been...

Has the desire z already dropped or is it a "coming soon" ting??

raaaaaaaaahhh the fone starts up in like 2/3 seconds.....first time i switched it on it took ages n i was thinkin hhmmmmm, but since then its been near enuff instant. Argh im like a lil kid :blush:

Does anyone use the HTC Sense?? Its sounds gully, but im sure it comes at some sort of expense, either morally/personally security/or hard cash!!

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"You might think that all these gloriously fresh innards would necessitate a cost-cutting exercise elsewhere and indeed they have. The Desire HD comes with a 1230mAh battery, which falls short of most current smartphones' standard equipment, and is especially low if you consider HTC managed to fit the EVO 4G with a 1500mAh unit"

What a joke, i dont know why HTC do it. Ruin a potentially sick phone by including a sh*t battery that will barely last a day with moderate use

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