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fao Bristool heads

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lived there years ago..high school e.tc.Dunno what it is like now.But they used to be one sick k barber just off easton main road . forgotten what the barber shop is called. But some guy called junior in there he was good. He was well known around the area...But you should find a decent one in st pauls or easton for def (Thats if you are after an ethnic barber)

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top cut in stokes croft is decent stillbut yh easton is doing it 4 trims apparently
as others have said go eastonthe one in stokes croft is decent but hes one of them barbers that only ever opens and closes when he wants
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Was your guy an African breh? Jus got my trim and man did not do a decent job on the top to side blend, well he did on one side but not the other :/

nah old jamiacan guy, who doesnt talk much. guess its luck of the draw,

f*ck im in bristol quite alot too thort i found a reliable barbers.

if u find sumwhere better let me kno bruv. safe.

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