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Jay Electronica

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lol at diddy being bitter over him not signing to Badboy, probably the smartest move JE will ever make. You'd think with the number of artists Diddy has screwed over and mismanaged he'd accept he's

lool c/s JE made the right choice diddy is poison

someone skool me on jay electronica please was that him spitting on the 1st verse, is he a producer/rapper. Also someone reccomend me some more of his music (sorry supermalt no thread hijack lol)

big tune tho defo feelin it.

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was gonna reach until i saw its £20 lol, these artists need to get over themselves he album aint even dropped.

Bilal charged £12 for his show it lasted over 3 hours and was an amazing performance so I cant justify paying that for Electronica


He's still heavy tho i await the album

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i can justify it on the grounds i've paid near enough nothing for all the great music he's given me.

he's a pretty inspiring cat on a number of levels and the experience i'm likely to get on tues will be well worth £20

spent £36.50 on Wu Tang the other night with no support act... WTF?

weren't nuttin to f*ck wit tbh. can't put a price on a good night.

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