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VON D - Interview + Exclusive This Way Up Podcast (MP3)

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We are proud to announce This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 010 & exclusive interview, mixes by Frances number 1 dubstep artist Von D!!



Exclusive interview and mix with Von D and showcasing monthly Podcasts from the agencies extremely talented artists.


Bio: http://twuagency.co.uk/vond.html

Audio: http://twuagency.co.uk/vondaudio.html

Video: http://twuagency.co.uk/vondvideo.html

Interview with Von D


You've has some of the most hotly tipped releases of 2009, what influences do you draw on when producing your 'sexy' sound?

For me, it’s really a pleasure to release music, people can hear the music at home or in clubs or while taking the train it’s amazing.

I don’t think too much about what I’m doing while making tracks. I only want to have a good feeling while making it. It’s all about having a strong emotional feeling when writing a tune and if I have this feeling I can make music and if not I can’t.


You're from France, how is the local scene over there?

The local scene in France has began to grow nicely. Everybody knows everybody here that’s cool. It can be bigger and will be bigger than now in the future ... I play more outside France than in France which is not bad for me . :-)


You're Touring America then off to New Zealand and Australia this year, but what has been your favourite city you've visited while DJing?

Shanghai and Beijing was dope but I really had a good time in Tel Aviv... Bristol is also always good . I love this city...


How do you work on your mix downs; as you work through your track or at the end once the whole track has been complete? Do you have any tips for getting the perfect mixdown?

When I’m producing I’m working on the music and on the mixdown at the same time... its really important to get the right sound directly,

because sounds can change the music a lot I’m really paying attention to all the sound I choose and I process... giving tips is really hard because everyone have different techniques to make music but something really important at the end is to be able to be comfortable with a lot of techniques because you will spend more time on music than on the technical side of things.


Which artist are you feeling at the moment that we should look out for?

Im realy Feeling Heny G , Quest , Joker , Silkie , Vivek , Kromestar, Dj Madd , Riskotheque , Phaeleh ,Malilone, Jay Kenzo , Matt U ,Nibé, 12Th Planet, Mr Lager ,Kito, Blasta , 501, F , ..... so manys good producer out there ...can tell everybody.


Do you have a top 10 for January?

1/Von D ft Phephe - Show me (Soul jazz/Subfreq)

2/12th Planet - little jinder - youthblood (12th planet & flinch remix)

3/Dj Madd - Blue Soul

4/501 - Higher ground

5/Von D & Riskotheque - Like a bird (forthcoming disfigured dubz)

6/Von D Ft Phephe - The sunlight (Forthcoming Subbalicious)

7/Matt U - Move

8/Von D & Dj Madd - U (forthcoming Boka)

9/Mr Lager ft Alyz Be - Tell me (Von D Remix)

10/Von D - Berlin call (Argon)


What exciting news do you have for us; forthcoming releases, activities?

Many gigs around UK (check my myspace), a US tour Soon and a tour of New Zealand and Australia at the end of the year, Many tracks and colab in the pipeline , and I’m working hard on my album for Argon ...


Von D - Miss Maui EP Part 1 (12" Black Acre)

Von D Ft Moxy Phinx - Miss Maui Nibe – (Guava rhum)

Von D Ginger Remix (12" Lutetia Dubz)

Von D Ft Warrior Queen – (Moon Eclipse)

Von D Ft Phephe - Sunlight (12" Subbalicious)

Von D - Chacha's Leggings (12" Subbalicious)

Von D & Dj Madd - It's Over (12" Boka)

Von D & Dj Madd - U (12" Boka)

Von D & Riskotheque - Like a bird (Disfigured Dubs)

Mr Lager ft Alyz Be - Tell me -Von D Remix (Subfreq & Dubstep Allstar Vol 7 mixed by Dj Chef)

This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 010 Featuring Von D


1. Von D - Chacha's Leggings (DUB, Forthcoming Subbalicious)

2. Jay Kenzo - New love never lost (DUBplate)

3. Riskotheque - Badbwoy (DUBplate)

4. Von D ft Warrior Queen - Moon eclipse (DUB, forthcoming Black Acre)

5. Dj madd - Funktion 1 (DUBplate)

6. Walsh & N-type - Fuze (DUBplate)

7. Von D Ft Phephe - Sunlight (DUB, forthcoming Subbalicious)

8. Vaccine - Fever - Kito Remix (DUB, forthcoming Disfigured dubs)

9. Von D & Riskotheque - Like a Bird (DUB, forthcoming Disgured Dubs)

10. Skream - Metal mouth (DUBplate)

11. Mr Lager ft Alyz be - Tell me (Von D remix) (DUBplate)

12. Von D & Nivo O - The lair (DUBplate)

13. Jay Kenzo - Hoods Up (DUBplate)

14. Von D - Berlin call (DUB. Forthcoming Argon)

podcast1.jpg Itunes - search This Way Up Artist Agency Podcast 001 - Von D

Direct Download:


Von D ft Phephe - Show Me (Official Music Video)


This Way Up Artist Agency:

Web: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/vond.html

Email: bookings@twuagency.co.uk

AIM: AfterThaEnd and TWUAgency

TEL: 0044 7979 325 737


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