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Hank Moody

FREE FIFA Online announced

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Friday January 29, 03:17 PM

EA Sports’ boss, Peter Moore, has lifted the lid on FIFA Online, a brand new and free-to-play variant of his company's popular football game.

Free-to-play? Yup, we’re looking for the catch too, although we’re not seeing one at the moment. Instead this PC game is based on the FIFA 10 engine and it utilises the full FIFA player database, complete with content from the forthcoming FIFA World Cup title. In practical terms that means 30 licensed Leagues, 500 worldwide teams and around 15,000 players. There are three basic gameplay modes too – League, Versus and World Cup – and the game will also feature online community elements and links to real-world matches.

It all sounds very impressive, and Moore talks magnanimously about wanting to reach out to the global soccer audience, in particular those players without a next-gen console, a high-powered PC or even flashy joypad/keyboard-wrangling skills – FIFA Online offers ‘mouse-play’ controls for gaming newcomers and is optimised to run on just an average laptop. We guess we’ll see about that in due course.

Meanwhile we learn that FIFA Online will get a public beta playtest in June, at which time we may find out how EA plans to make money out of the game. Well, they can’t really be doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, can they? More soon.


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