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INDUSTRY HATER / Exposure? @ P30

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  • #remix 'Downs (syndrome)' @jaysean ft @Donaeo
  • RT @DoubleSmusician A lot of U.K. artist don't know how to carry themselves and that's gonna be their downfall<<well den your #f*cked mate
  • u boys ignoring me? @grimedaily come on lets be friends again i can't win back your friends for you lol but i can resurrect ur careers
  • #remix let it burn @mcstormin :lol: utter PAR
  • just took a big sh*t. It looks like @bigzflygerian :lol:
  • #remix i got my eyes on FOOD @bigfrisc ft @wretch32 @bignarstie :lol:
  • #remix PAR-ty HARD @Donaeo ft #ME LOL
  • #remix gangsters Par-adise @coolio ft #ME

this guy's going in, posting 3 hours ago ya kna? guy gets up early so people wake up to pars lol

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