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F.A.O. Facebook Fiends

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Guest Malcolm Tucker

Just a quick update before I bounce. Please forgive me if it doesn't make sense but I'll take questions in this topic.

Basically you can now have your Facebook account linked with your forum account. This will enhance your profile with the next coming updates which will allow your status updates on here to be parsed onto your Facebook account and vice versa.

The best way to configure this new feature is to SIGN into your Facebook, then visit the forum and LOG OUT of the forum if your logged on here. Then Click the SIGN IN link on your top right hand side of the navigation menu as if you're going to sign back in and the rest is simple.

You can either link the Facebook account with your account on here, you will just need the email address and password that you use for this forum.

Or create a new profile if you're a new visitor and what not using details supplied by Facebook.

The point of adding Facebook integration with ViP2 is two fold:

  1. It lowers the barrier for registration. Some people are put off by filling in a long form and waiting for activation. If they can click a button and log in with their Facebook username and password then they are encouraged to do so and participate in OUR community. We will get more members, more posts and more eyes on our content. This is good for everyone. ;)
  2. It helps promote our site via status updates and sharing links. See number #1 for the benefit of doing this.

Any questions, point them this WAY. ;)

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a reason to be even more bait?

no thanks

pretty much

not that many ppl would care but f*ck linking this and that

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