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Worst Way You Have Been Turned Down?

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let me add in my experiences peaker than most in this thread to boot cos i was younger lol this was back when i was in ghana anyway i was in yr 9 like 14/15 i was in school there for a bit anyway i w

pmsl gotta commend the effort though 3 days ya kna

Brav... If any of u guys saw her bum, ur head would be doing cartwells - all i could picture was that white thick girl in the white girl thread with my tongue buried between her thighs

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i got rejected its too much of a par to post, so im gonna wait til i write about di rejection

drop the story brah for the lol's


so i approach this chick, she's with her friend, its cool because i have my boy with me, we start talking as a group she says she's from italy and that she's in england because england is way better for going out and for going clubs and stuff. so i take the main chick, who is the peng girl to one side and start speeching her whilst my boy chats to the other ting, the convo between me and the peng girl is going well and these times im a bit drunk and kinda high from this half a spliff this 35 yr old woman gave me, so i decide the best move to see if this girl is dtf if is to stroke her leg, so with my index finger i slowly traced my finger down the side of her right thigh. there was no reaction and we continued talking, however  20 seconds later in a loud voice for bare people to hear she goes, 'right, this guy touched my bum', when i touched her thigh smh. and she was annoyed, my friend laughed. then she goes 'why did you do that'. 'why did you think that was ok' at the time i didn't even feel bad but then she goes 'i'm a man, i have a d*ck, look i have a d*ck' then she grabs some imaginary massive penis at her mid section, masturbates and ejaculates into the air, saying think of her as a man and walks off




i actually saw her again later that night as i was smoking a cigarrette she was staring at me, proper into my eyes, i wasn't sure if was a sexual stare or she was angry, however we were staring into each others eyes for about 5 minutes, then she whispered into my ear trying to scare me that she was a fed ('i am police'). then after that she told me to watch out for aliens and that there were aliens around looking for me, then she went to talk to her friend. i took the alien comment as an indirect that she had sent for dudes to fight me and a threat tbh and didn't bother speaking to her the rest of the night. nothing happened to me though, if you were wondering.

think you had a lucky escape mate.

yh, i think so too

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girl was supposed to come to my yard to link me


i called her to give directions, she didn't pick up, called her again, she didnt pick up. 


called her a couple times, then she picked up, heard my voice and put the phone down


the next day, i texted her to find out what happened she told me she went shopping with her mum and she said sorry


i shoulda said why you going shopping with your mum when you coulda been fucked by me but i was like cool

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