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Dubai court annuls marriage to 'bearded lady'

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Dubai court annuls marriage to 'bearded lady'

An Emirati woman wearing a niqab walks past a mannequin at a bridal wear show in Dubai, April 2007

The envoy discovered the deception on lifting the woman's veil to kiss her

An Arabic country's ambassador to Dubai has had his marriage contract annulled after discovering the bride was cross-eyed and had facial hair.

The woman had worn an Islamic veil, known as the niqab, on the few occasions the couple had met.

The envoy, who has not been identified, told a Sharia court her mother had tricked him by showing him pictures of the bride's sister, Gulf News reported.

He only discovered the deception when he lifted the woman's veil to kiss her.

The court had annulled the marriage contract but rejected a $130,000 (£83,000) compensation claim for gifts he had bought his intended, the report said.

inb4 spesh K referances

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