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This guy could have been great. Such a waste of talent, and a f*cking OTT sentence.

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http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8516601.stmI know only certain people will probably know who he is but still:
Former world boxing champion Eamonn Magee has been sentenced to six months in prison after being convicted of head-butting a man in north Belfast.Magee, 38, was ordered to serve three months for the assault outside the Ardoyne Kickhams GAA club. Another previously suspended three month term for motoring offences was also enforced. District Judge Ken Nixon told him: "You are a violent man who lacks any credit." The former-WBU welterweight title holder was released on bail following confirmation that he plans to appeal the assault conviction. Magee, of Eskdale Gardens, Belfast, was found guilty of head-butting Kevin McLaughlin after being asked to leave the club last August. Magee, known as The Terminator during a professional career which included 33 fights, had claimed he was attacked by up to 15 people after being confronted at the club from which he was barred. According to the boxer, he touched Mr McLaughlin's nose with his head after being pushed three times. At a sentencing hearing, his barrister said: "Eamonn Magee's adult life has been a roller-coaster from the significant highs of world-class sporting achievement to the lows of being the victim of four serious incidents including two shooting incidents." He told the court Magee, a father of four, had acted as a positive role model by training fighters since his retirement. However, District Judge Ken Nixon pointed to Magee's record, which included an entry for affray. Mr Nixon said to him: "You get no credit for contesting the matter." The judge agreed to release him on his own bail of £500 after being told the assault conviction would be challenged at the County Court.
He'd have beaten Hatton if it hadn't been in Manchester in many people's opinion. The guy was a serious waste of potential, if he'd not got caught up in certain activities and actually trained properly who knows how good he could have been.

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