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Good Shoes

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Anyone a fan on here?

Picked up their new album today (hardly download these days so cant provide a link sorry but Im sure its in all the usual places, Warez etc). Love the album art too for some reason.



# 01. Way My Heart Beats, The

# 02. Everything You Do

# 03. I Know

# 04. Under Control

# 05. Do You Remember

# 06. Our Loving Mother In A Pink Diamond

# 07. Times Change

# 08. Thousand Miles An Hour

# 09. Then She Walks Away

# 10. City By The Sea

First album is alright too but this one they've improved so much more on their sound!

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Flippin' heck, went to see these guys in a random pub in Oxford.

Didn't realise we were watching the warm up act who were shite.

So decided to get drunk instead, came back to the stage area as you leave, was rammed and realised it was them, lol.

Stayed and they sounded pretty decent.

Will check out the album.

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My mates saw these guys in Berlin at the weekend, said they were really good.

Will give them a listen.

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