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British-Israelis kill hamas leader

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UK authorities are launching an inquiry into how fraudulent British passports were used by the alleged killers of a Hamas commander in Dubai.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency will look at how passports bearing the names of six British-Israelis were linked to the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

Dubai police believe 11 "agents with European passports" killed him.

The Foreign Office has summoned the Israeli ambassador for a meeting on Thursday to discuss the matter.

Israel says there is no evidence that its security service Mossad had any involvement in the killing.

However, several commentators say it bears the hallmarks of a Mossad assassination.

Britain is determined to "get to the bottom of" how fake UK passports were used by the alleged killers of a Hamas commander, the foreign secretary says.

David Miliband described the use of six British passports as an "outrage".


nothing will happen

not surprised the amercians are quiet. even their news

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