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Absurd - Dont Say A Word Mix (Dubstep Showreel 2010)

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Dont Say A Word DJ mix from Frances Absurd




Bio: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/absurd.html'>http://www.twuagency.co.uk/absurd.html

Audio: http://www.twuagency.co.uk/absurdaudio.html'>http://www.twuagency.co.uk/absurdaudio.html


01. Absurd/Monstr - Irieality

02. Absurd/Monstr - Right Away

03. Absurd/Monstr - When I Die

04. Absurd/Monstr - Nowproblems

05. Absurd/Monstr - Denver

06. Squareheadz (Absurd/Monstr+Rom1) - f*ck Off (Dubstep Mix)

07. Absurd/Monstr - Quarter

08. Absurd/Monstr - Kingston Town Remix

09. Absurd/Monstr - Contrast

10. Absurd/Monstr - Come On Mate

11. Absurd/Monstr - How We Roll

12. Absurd/Monstr - Untold Stories Rmx

13. Squareheadz (Absurd/Monstr+Rom1) - Hold The Line Rmx

Download: http://www.twuagency.co.nz/mixes/Absurd-Dont_say_a_word_promoMIX.mp3

Artist Release updates

Recent releases :

-I8cops vol.1 (17/12/09) 12" vinyl on Kiosk Records distributed by z-audio

-The BIg Grin (10/02/10) digital release on ResoFantom recs. out exclusively

on Juno untill march 10th ->available everywhere online after

-Boot&Leg02 (repress) 12"vinyl on Boot&Leg records

Fortcoming releases:

-Icops vol.2 12"vinyl on Kiosk

-BB01:Bionic Bashment 01 12" vinyl

-Welcome to future digital release on ResoFantom

-Force Coming CD on kiosk records

-Wine&Bubble on GuynessMusic

-When i die digital on Eight:FX


Contact Kit @ This Way Up Artist Agency:

E-Mail – bookings@twuagency.co.uk

AOL / AIM – TWUAgency, TWUDubstep and AfterThaEnd

On-Line – http://www.twuagency.co.uk

Telephone - +44 (7979 32 5737)

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