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Rape Now Weapon of Choice

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Rape 'now gang weapon of choice'

Young women are being exploited and subjected to sexual violence as a result of gang reprisals, according to a report.

Interviews with more than 350 women and girls by the charity Race on the Agenda revealed the use of rape to punish girl gang members and relatives of rivals.

The women and girls interviewed were all associated with gangs in London.

Report author Carlene Firmin said rape was being used "as a weapon of choice" and few services were equipped to help.

She described one interview with a girl who had been arrested for selling drugs for a gang.

"I've beaten up people - I've had 10 people rush me at one time - got my head bust open with a bottle" - Gang member Rebecca

"Upon her bail, she was kidnapped and she was raped by a number of the gang members as a punishment and to silence her," she said.

The report says little is known about the numbers of women and girls affected by gang violence - and highlights how the few services that do exist are chronically under-resourced and over-stretched.

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'Date-rape drugs' are on the rise, UN warns

So-called date-rape drugs are on the rise, according to the United Nations drug control agency's annual report,

The International Narcotics Control Board says tough measures against the best-known drug, Rohypnol, have worked.

But sexual abusers are turning to alternative substances subject to less stringent international controls.

It wants these placed on governments' controlled substances lists and for manufacturers to develop safety features such as dyes and flavourings.

Professor Hamid Ghodse, of the International Narcotics Control Board, said: "These drugs are used so as to tremendously reduce people's resistance to unwanted sexual activity and then subsequently they might not even remember what happened."

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Guest TimeBomb

duno but the word rape deffo seems to be flung around a lot more these days, seems rape is taken less seriously these days (amongst our generation).

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