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Frank White

kno dem way der

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u wake in the afternoon - fat headache cos u wer drinkin last nite at sum house party

cant remember sheeeet

go on facebook and see a few pics but ur stil waitn for da rest - ask ur boy wot happened n he dnt kno nothin he said he woke up wit a condom on his d*ck

saw myself in the background of 1 pic wit sum lighty sittin nxt to me - im talkin n she looks entertained

shes looks sexxxy so u check 2 c if u got ne new numbers in ur fone - a few unknown names

priscilla, alex and a number saved as "jellws" - can tell i was gorn.

i dnt kno if i shud call dem or jus wait for her 2 get tagged - but i kno wen im licked i chat nuff sh*t and tell bare lies

so woteva happens im gna hav to play dis v.smart

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