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Official Smoking/Weed Thread


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1 hour ago, Supermalt said:

May my tolerance remain regular forever.

Dunno how Donny does it

It's not hard to build up a strong weed tolerance same way it's very easy to lose tolerance after say a few days to a week off the bud. I highly doubt black the ripper has had a weed free week in years tbf.


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Dunno if dank of England is his general hash tag or not but that looks like he’s at a cannabis cup somewhere elsewhere

them kinda silly joints were being passed round for free at the dam one a few years back

bit smaller if memory serves me correctly but defo mad size

raekwon came out n passed out bare to the crowd one night n the daytime loads of geeky weed related shit was happening

disclaimer - I had a free pass

wouldnt be beyond the realms of possibility for a seed company or cafe to easily chuck a few ounces into a joint for promo


its Samson the all time weed attention beg 

wouldn’t cost that much, not like people ain’t spending that much on a bottle of champs they don’t even like the taste of n get way less insta likes for it

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On 8/27/2017 at 9:29 AM, Agony said:

Was nearly gonna buy a new vape kit but this video just saved me some money.

After this last box of cigs I'm gonna permanently switch to vaping.




Only smoked 1 cig since then and that was during a stressful day of last min Christmas shopping in Westfield when my vape battery died and someone offered me a cig after I helped him buy a pack from a shopkeeper that wouldn't serve him. That cig just reminded me why I quit and why I should stay strong.

Bought a Smok T-Priv kit in January but I had problems with the tank and coils


and a Smok Stick Prince Kit a few weeks ago because I wanted a new tank but the tank cost around £30 and the full kit was an extra £12 and I've been meaning to buy a smaller kit anyway for when I'm out and about



Tried dozens of different eliquids but I'm fucking with a brand called Yogg at the moment which is good value for money


(This offer is still going on and I usually get through a pod a week)

And been rotating between these 3 flavours





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