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Phil Brooks

Fantastic Mr Fox ain't so fantastic

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Three hens and a cockerel fought off and killed a fox which broke into their coup scavenging for food


Michelle Cordell, 43, was amazed when she went to collect eggs from her garden brood on Saturday morning and found the dead fox lying in their pen.

She said: "I was so shocked. When I opened it up, the chickens came running out, happy as anything. I went inside and the fox was laying there.

Urban foxes digging up spring bulbs

We're All Farmers Now"The little table in the corner of the coup, which the chickens perch on, had been kicked over and was lying next to the fox's head. It seems they kicked over the table and knocked the fox out and then pecked it to death. It had little blood marks on its legs that look like they had been pecked."

Mrs Cordell, who lives in Langdon Hills, Essex, with her partner Gary Howell, 45, said foxes had often broken into the coup and killed their chickens in the past.

She said she had shut up the sliding door of the shed on Friday night when she put the chickens to bed but thinks the fox must have nosed its way under the door.

When she went out the next morning the door was still shut but the fox was trapped inside with the birds.

Mrs Cordell's daughters Maddi and Ruby had hand-reared the cockerel, called Dude, from a chick. "Now he's a murderer," she said.

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I didn't know they made a film of Fantastic Mr Fox. Miss quite a few things now that I don't watch TV.

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