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Bomb disposal expert attempts to pitch wife and unborn child

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The husband of a heavily pregnant woman seriously injured after her car exploded has been held today on suspicion of her attempted murder, sources said.

Nicholas Fabian, 32, was held after wife Victoria, also 32, suffered serious leg injuries in the blast in a communal car park in the village of Vigo, near Meopham, Kent, just after 1pm yesterday.

Police said she was the sole occupant of the car when it exploded. According to unconfirmed reports, Mr Fabian is an Army bomb disposal expert who was due to be posted to Afghanistan.

Initial reports said Mrs Fabian's two sons, aged four and ten, were in the back of the car which exploded. But the two children were in a nearby car and escaped harm from the blast.

Residents described hearing a loud thud, feeling the ground shudder and seeing smoke rising from the communal car park where the woman's vehicle was parked.

She was pulled from the blazing wreckage of her car by her husband and a neighbour.

Witnesses said she screamed 'my baby' as neighbours desperately tried to staunch the bleeding from her wounds with T-shirts and towels.

Her legs were said to have been 'shredded' by the blast.

The teenager said that when helped drag the victim from the vehicle he saw a 'gaping hole' between the accelerator pedal and clutch of her Mazda 323 and the engine compartment.

'The explosion was massive. It was so loud - it almost blew my windows out,' Vincent said.

'I went out with my mum and her partner and she was in the driver's seat screaming.

'Her legs were shredded - one was badly burnt and the other was all bloodied.'

Frances Sentance, 50, a dinner lady at the local primary school, said: 'I was sitting in my kitchen when I heard a huge bang.

'I ran outside the front door to see what was happening and there was smoke billowing from the wreckage and rising over the trees.

'Within ten minutes, the area was flooded with fire engines, ambulances and police.

'An air ambulance also landed. We're all shocked. It is horrific.'

A neighbour added: 'An air ambulance landed in the field about ten minutes later.

'In the meantime, numerous people came out of houses with T- shirts and towels to wrap around her legs to stop the bleeding.'

Police evacuated nearby homes and set up an 'emergency exclusion zone', cordoning off three roads closest to the burnt-out vehicle and a refuge centre was set up in the village hall for some 40 families evacuated from their homes.

A spokesman for Kent Police said the bomb disposal team was brought in as a 'precautionary measure', to check there was no hazard before forensics teams moved in.

'Police forensic examiners will be carrying out a detailed investigation of the car and a thorough examination of the surrounding scene has begun,' he said.

'This work will continue into the night. Kent Police would like to thank the community of Vigo for its patience and support.'

I reckon she cheated while he was in Afghan and he worked out/thought the baby was someone elses? Only explenation apart from him being a psycho I can think of.

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sounds like the work of an intermediate at best.

was thinkin, if this is his line of work, he should have known how much would be needed to kill her

maybe he didnt want that :/

f*cked either way

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