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Dimitar Berbatov

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Hi, I have a debate with a few other Man U fans regarding Berbatov. I think he is an absolute waste of space who hasn't contributed anything to the Man U cause but others think he has scored important goals that have provided United with a number of points. Can you tell me in the two seasons he has played for Man U how many of his goals have actually helped Man U win points. For example, I remember him scoring the winner at Old Trafford against Middlesbrough apart from that I think all his goals have come in games we have been winning in anyway. Thanks, WBM.

MARTIN SAYS: I understand what you are saying and it is clear that Berbatov is a very talented footballer. Below I have detailed all 18 Premier League goals Berbatov has scored in his two seasons at Manchester United and detailed when the goals came.

This season: nine goals:

Opponent Final score When goal came

Wigan 5-0 2nd

Stoke 2-0 1st

Sunderland 2-2 2nd

Blackburn 2-0 1st

Hull 3-1 3rd

Wigan 5-0 4th

Burnley 3-0 3rd

Portsmouth 5-0 4th

Everton 1-3 1st

Last season: nine goals

Opponent Final score When goal came

West Brom 4-0 3rd

Stoke 5-0 3rd

Middlesbrough 1-0 1st

Chelsea 3-0 3rd

Bolton 1-0 1st

West Brom 5-0 1st

Fulham 3-0 2nd

Newcastle 2-1 1st

Tottenham 5-2 5th

There are plenty of ways of interpreting this:

* If you struck Berbatov's goals from the record United would only be one point worse off this season; last season they would be six points worse off.

* Only two of his 18 goals have been winners. He has never scored the final equaliser in a game.

* Nine (half) of Berbatov's goals have been the first goal of the game.

* Berbatov has never scored twice in a league game for United.

* Manchester United have won 16 of their 18 Premier League games when Berbatov has scored.

* One of his goals came in a draw with Sunderland, while last month's defeat at Everton was the first time United have lost when Berbatov has scored in a Premier League game.

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Berbatov made 10 assists in the Premier League and finished joint second (along with Fabregas, Gerrard and Lampard) behind league leader Robin van Persie with 11.

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Hasn't he had a knee problem this season that needs surgery?



Until he scores a perfect hattrick and nutmegs 5 people per game they'll always be a group of United fans that are unhappy with him because of the £30m price tag over his head.

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He's player who'll only flourish if 75% of all attacking moves go through him.

This isn't going to happen at United.

He's got decent stats, but again, they don't tell the whole story & so far, that £30m spent + plus wages aren't justified.

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He can pluck the ball out of the air from 70 yards and provide a sublime asisst but how often does this happen?

Luxury player. Gimme a fit and firing Saha.

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Dear Martin. Manchester United are the joint top scorers with Arsenal. Both have 66 goals, which seems very high and it seems a shame that one of these high scoring teams will fail to win the title this season. My question is this. Has a team ever scored this many goals by this stage of the season before? If so, did they end up winning the title? Thanks, Verinder.

MARTIN SAYS: You sent your question before the weekend games Verinder and as I'm sure you know, Arsenal are now the top scorers with 69 while United are on 67. As you suggest, this is a very high return. After 29 games of last season Liverpool and Manchester United were the joint top scorers with just 49 goals each!

In the history of the Premier League only two other sides have scored more than 66 goals after 29 games. After 29 games in 2001/2002, Manchester United had scored 69 goals. After 29 games in 2004/2005, Arsenal had scored 67 goals.

Would you believe that neither of those sides went on to win the title in those seasons? United were beaten by Arsenal in 2002 and Arsenal were edged out by United in 2005! In conclusion, the teams that have scored more than 66 goals after 29 games have never gone on to win the title... which is a good omen for Chelsea fans (unless the Blues score more than one goal in their 29th game at home to West Ham!)

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Link to where you're getting these questions from please

Sky Sports News I think it is.

Yeah Martin Tyler's page, I think Opta and the Sky team actually check the ish.

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