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Dejan Savicevic

Cleaning your mind, body and soul

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yow i'm a changed man. 2 weeks disciplinary from work and getting out of the system was the best thing to ever happen to man in my life jah know. Gonna stop making these topics cah it sounds like preaching but man needs to get rid of all these negative influences not only around me but inside of me.

Swear watching zampers bounce around in rap videos and porn is distracting me from enlightening/stimilating my mind in the important way of knowledge by reading books and forming opinions. Going to start cleaning my mind of badmind thoughts. Forget all the postcode foolishness and racist stuff as well need to clear my mind of it.

I love maryland and dixies but that rubbish is killing my body from functioning properly. So is spendig hours infront of the tele. Swear don't care if i'm done up after work gonna cook every day after work. Even gonna buy halal meat even though i'm not muslim as the meat has been blessed.

Soul - what is man really about? people will see

Need to start focusing on the important stuff in life like family, community, being a good citizen and good karma in the afterlife. Forget being rich in material goods like broads, gold and cars. i want a rich soul and wealthy knowledge.

No doubt people will come in and hate but thats whats wrong this this world.


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Attention seeking

twice today you tried to kill my vibe with needless neativity. Everything thats wrong with the world. FKFJ nah i didn't get sacked just put on disciplinary for 2 weeks and have had some time to think.

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